#Charlottesgotalot Photo of the Month

posted by Chelsea Galusky December 29, 2017

Charlotte is a city where you instantly feel at home, and that sense of home is depicted daily through socially shared #Charlottesgotalot posts from our residents and visitors. Each month, we’ll dive deeper into the story behind one such #Charlottesgotalot Instagram photo and the photographer behind the lens (or smart phone).

Brian Twitty

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Brian but most of my friends call me BT. I have a Finance degree from UNC Charlotte and worked in the financial world for a time. I’ve always been a creative, ranging from music to writing, art and photography, so I am currently a full-time creator of visual content. I’m into all types of music and have thousands of records with various ways to play them, like a Technics 1200s to a vintage and a 1960s RCA phonograph console. I’ve been in multiple music groups with the longest standing group being Dominant 7, a hip hop group comprised of the most amazing homies a person could ever have. My deep love for skateboarding is what pushed me into photography; I still and will always shoot it. I also love snowboarding, dancing and many other athletic endeavors–Hornets, Panthers and Checkers forever!


What’s the story behind this photo?

This is a 13 second exposure at 60mm, f/13 and ISO 400. It was a beautiful night and the only supermoon of 2017. I took another shot with great moon detail earlier in the evening when visibility was clearer. Once the clouds started showing, I decided to move to a spot with more visual stimulation. After driving throughout the whole city, I landed here.


Favorite places for Instagram-worthy photos in Charlotte?

Frankly, my favorite places for IG worthy images are wherever I am! I photograph many facets of Charlotte for work, including people, action, art, food and events. For specific snaps of the city, I enjoy being just outside of Uptown and looking in. I have a few undisclosed locations I go to regularly as well.


Favorite thing to do in Charlotte?

Photography is my favorite thing to do in CLT, hands down. I also love video. And music. And skateboarding. And EATING. That’s a big one, literally and figuratively.


What’s on your Charlotte bucket list – what haven’t you done yet, but you’d like to soon.

I want to be an even more integral part of progressing Charlotte’s rich culture. There are so many amazing and talented people in Charlotte. We also have great corporations here who could benefit by connecting with local artists. Am I saying it would be awesome to be a liaison in making this happen? Hmm, perhaps I am. Maybe that’s number one on my bucket list.


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