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posted by Chelsea Galusky October 30, 2017

Charlotte is a city where you instantly feel at home, and that sense of home is depicted daily through socially shared #Charlottesgotalot posts from our residents and visitors. Each month, we’ll dive deeper into the story behind one such #Charlottesgotalot Instagram photo and the photographer behind the lens (or smart phone).

Corey Sunstrom

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m as close to being a native Charlottean as you can get without actually being one (moved here when I was 2). Do I still qualify as a unicorn? I live here with my beautiful wife, our two dogs Bob Dylan and Freddie Mercury, and our cat Stevie Nicks. Yes…we are available to play your wedding. I’m a financial planner in South Charlotte and also recently started a personal finance blog called The Pocket Advisor.


What’s the story behind this photo?

I’m buried in numbers most of the week, and photography has become a way to access my creative side over the past few years. This particular morning, I was heading downtown with the intention of photographing the empty streets of Uptown. When I pulled onto 277 – I saw the backdrop behind the city and had to pull over into the grassy area to capture it. I’ve always wanted to park it there and take pictures. Didn’t have to do much for this one, caught a perfect morning with some of the most beautiful colors I’ve seen over the city.


Favorite places for Instagram-worthy photos in Charlotte?

Oh man. There isn’t one good place, you can make art and take great photographs just about anywhere. Access to parking decks and apartment building rooftops make for great spots to capture the skyline. I’ve had a weird obsession with roads and paths lately, so you’d likely find me taking random pictures of streets all over the city.


Favorite thing to do in Charlotte?

Lately my wife and I have been doing our best to keep up with the blossoming restaurant scene.  There have been so many places opening up lately, we have enjoyed making it a point to go try every new place we can.


What’s on your Charlotte bucket list – what haven’t you done yet, but you’d like to soon.

Definitely want to make it over to Seoul Food Meat Co. to participate in some karaoke, you know…to access my inner Eminem.


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