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Mahshid Mazooji: All Weekend Long in Charlotte

posted by Sean Smith November 28, 2017

Back in September, Mahshid Mazooji missed a connecting flight and was stuck overnight at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Rather than sulk in baggage claim, she enlisted fellow travelers and employees on the graveyard shift to join an impromptu dance party throughout the airport. Capturing it on video and playing it back to a Lionel Richie greatest hit, what resulted was a viral video that has received over 2.7 million views on YouTube—All Night Long at The Airport.

We decided to reach out to Mahshid and extend an invitation to come back to Charlotte and experience the city outside of the airport. To our delight, she took us up on the offer and our team put together a list of Charlotte staples for her to explore as she danced her way around the Queen City all weekend long.

Thanks to Mahshid for making the trip back to Charlotte! You’re always welcome here.

Featured locations include:

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