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Meet the Men Behind HEX Coffee

posted by Joanne Spataro January 18, 2018
Photo Courtesy of Jordan Noles

Tanner Morita, John Michael Cord and Chandler Wrenn were three broke friends when they founded HEX Coffee in 2015. Personally passionate about coffee and well connected within Charlotte’s coffee sector, they started serving brews from a pop-up shop during public and private community events, then grew from there. Earlier this year, they opened a permanent location, HEX Espresso Bar, inside Good Bottle Co. off Remount Road. Serving draft lattes and house roasts, the up-and-coming shop offers insight into the future of coffee in Charlotte. Here, Chandler Wrenn shares how the whole thing came together.

How has your business grown since you started?

Our pop-ups were wildly successful, which took us a little bit by surprise, but we decided to try to find a place to plant roots. We wanted to grow into our own shop. Good Bottle opened up the opportunity for us to have a small shop at a reasonable price for three guys who were just doing it all.

W A F F L E G A T O S / / Happening till ✌️!

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What’s coffee culture like in Charlotte?

There’s a lot of growth that’s happening now. The big thing we want to see is people pushing the envelope not only in Charlotte, but also seeing what we can do on a national scene. We want to see how Charlotte can step it up and grow its influence on coffee across the country.

What’s on the horizon for HEX?

We’re opening a production facility for our roastery, so that’s been our main focus. We’re working on a tasting room experience at Camp North End, and after that, we’re just waiting for the right opportunity for us to expand and grow and potentially open another cafe [in Charlotte].

What’s your most popular drink order?

Right now, the draft vanilla latte is something that we’ve been super successful with. It’s quick and easy for the consumer. My favorite drink that we’ve put out recently is the Ethiopian drip coffee that we do. That’s been very successful.

This article was originally featured in Charlotte Happenings. Updates by Brigitte Acosta.


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